Ibne Safi Jasoosi Dunya

 Ibne Safi (1928-1980) is the pen name of Asrar Ahmad, the best-selling and most popular author of mystery and detective novels in the history of the Indian Subcontinent’s Urdu literature. His initial works date back to the early 1940s, when he wrote from India. After the partition in 1947, he migrated to Pakistan, and penned his later novels there. So strong was Ibne Safi’s impact on the Subcontinent’s literary scene that his novels were translated into several regional languages. It was not unusual for Safi's books to be sold at black market prices in Pakistan and India, where they were originally published every month.

Jasoosi Duniya is Ibne Safi’s first best-selling Urdu spy novel series. The first novel, Dilaer Mujrim(The Brave Criminal) was published in March 1952. The central idea and theme of this novel was taken from Victor Gunn’s novel Ironsides Lone Hands. However, the main characters Inspector Faridi and Sergeant Hameed were Ibne Safi’s own creation.
As mentioned by the author in the introduction of Zameen Kay Baadal, the plots of Purasrar AjnabeeRaqqasaa Ka Qat'lHeeray Ki Kaan, and Khoonee Patthar were also adopted from various English novels. The characters of Professor Durrani from Khaufnaak Hangaama, and Chimpanzee and The White Queen from Pahaaroan Ki Malikaa, were also borrowed from characters found in English literature. The rest of Ibne Safi’s novels have original plots and characters, conceived by the author himself.